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blockchain phone

What Is a Blockchain Smartphone and Why Do I Need One?

Saying that blockchain is one of the biggest innovations of the century, would be an understatement. Although, whenever we think of blockchain, we think...

Behind the scenes of Gadgetina

[vimeo 129078586 w=500 h=281] GADGETINA HAIR FOR WEB from GADGETS on Vimeo.
Silvio Schembri

WATCH: Hon. Silvio Schembri Takes on the Flyboard Challenge With Ian

Here at Gadgets, we decided to challenge Hon. Silvio Schembri’s fitness by testing him out on a Flyboard session with Simon Desira. Ian surprised him...

WANTED: Have you seen this lady?

Do you remember the lady we found in Valletta for our voxpop? Ian is missing her dearly following her friendly advice about his mannerisms...
michael camilleri malta tech guru

Meet Malta’s Tech Gurus: Michael Camilleri, Dropbox

Michael Camilleri is a 22 year old Maltese student from Sliema currently working in the Core Customer Experience at Dropbox. After studying business and...
Women in IT

Real Situations Maltese Women Face Working in the IT Sector

This will be about how when someone meets a woman working in IT, you'd think they saw a unicorn (I myself am guilty of this). Or how in the last 10 years, of the 1090 graduates from the Faculty of ICT, only 246 are women.

Gadgets Launched a New Online Show

We are super excited to launch our new online show Gadgets Fidgets. The first episode, presented by Daniel Kingswell, went live on social media on...
spotify open on phone go malta

Protected: You Can Now Stream Music Wherever You Go Without Paying For Internet

GO have taken it into their own hands to save you some money, while not sacrificing anything or making you pay more. GO have released...
lampard vs germany england disallowed goal

Referee Decisions That Ruined The World Cup For Everyone

The World Cup is upon us once again, this time from Russia. This means that millions of people around the world will be glued...
flyboard malta world champ

WATCH: Malta Hits The Podium In The Flyboard World Cup

Malta has hit the podium at the World Cup. Simon Desira of Flyboard Malta made the podium to pick up his prize for finishing...