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Ok Google Pranks

5 Hilarious Google Assistant Pranks You Can Pull On Your Friends

Google Assistant can be extremely useful. From setting alarms and reminders to telling your phone to play music. Although, here at Gadgets we love to...

Electric Cars in Malta Aren’t as Expensive as You Think (Grants Explained)

Last week, we released a video detailing the shocking and horrifying insights to the CO2 emissions given off by our small island. The fact...
drone shot ghajn tuffieha tower malta

The 7 Best Places to Fly A Drone in Malta

Getting into the drone flying and filming game is always quite exciting. Although you cannot simply purchase a drone and get on with flying...
Low amount of electric car charger malta

Tesla Planted 10k Car Chargers and Malta Is Still Building Petrol Stations

Tesla has been breaking the rules and paving the way for new, more efficient and green technology. Starting from self-driving vehicles, all the way...
phone addict

If You Do These 5 Things, You Are Seriously Addicted to Your Phone

People get addicted to their phone. It happens. In this day and age, when everything can be done from your phone and with science saying...
parent selfie with children facebook

Here’s Why You Should Never Post Photos Of Your Children Online

What’s the harm in posting some photos? Parents tend to be very careful with how their children use technology, which makes sense, you’re never too...
if we had police cars in Malta that were Tesla

What the Maltese Police Would Look like Driving a Tesla

Teslas and Elon Musk's The Boring Company are the epiphany of innovation within the technology sector and beyond. I mean, who other than Tesla were...
michael camilleri malta tech guru

Meet Malta’s Tech Gurus: Michael Camilleri, Dropbox

Michael Camilleri is a 22 year old Maltese student from Sliema currently working in the Core Customer Experience at Dropbox. After studying business and...
qbo roboto go malta robotics olympiad

Meet the Top 5 Robots at the Go Malta Robotics Olympiad 2018

Robots are taking over. At least at the Go Malta Robotics Olympiad they are. If you haven't made your way to see these robots in...
Women in IT

Real Situations Maltese Women Face Working in the IT Sector

This will be about how when someone meets a woman working in IT, you'd think they saw a unicorn (I myself am guilty of this). Or how in the last 10 years, of the 1090 graduates from the Faculty of ICT, only 246 are women.