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Take Your Chance To Win €130 Million With This Malta-Based Portal

We can't believe it either. You can enter the chance of winning a mind-blowing €130 million. Yes, you heard that correctly, €130 million. Any of...

Is This the Perfect Alternative to the Traditional Maltese Karozzin?

With the slowly growing population of electric cars being introduced, we wanted to look at the next step. Public Transport is an important part...
Can the police search your phone

When Can The Police Confiscate And Search My Phone in Malta?

Our smartphones know a lot about us. Information that other can use to find out about you. Especially in the case of the police,...
Freedom of Speech Social Media

Does Social Media Exhibit or Limit Freedom of Speech? Trump Answers.

As you might have heard, Donald Trump took to Twitter to accuse Google of being "rigged". According to him, Google is censoring conservative media, and...
blockchain phone

What Is a Blockchain Smartphone and Why Do I Need One?

Saying that blockchain is one of the biggest innovations of the century, would be an understatement. Although, whenever we think of blockchain, we think...
Google Android taking information

Google Collects 10 Times More Information On You Than Apple

Water is wet. Fire is hot. Google collects a massive amount of data and knows a disturbing amount about you. In a recent report by Professor...
Cryptocurrency Terminology

11 Cryptocurrency Terms You Need To Learn Before Getting Into Crypto

We all know the feeling, developing a genuine interest in cryptocurrencies and the benefits they can reap to society and being completely discouraged by...
Silvio Schembri

WATCH: Hon. Silvio Schembri Takes on the Flyboard Challenge With Ian

Here at Gadgets, we decided to challenge Hon. Silvio Schembri’s fitness by testing him out on a Flyboard session with Simon Desira. Ian surprised him...
Sex and social media matthew bartolo

The Effect of The Excessive Use of Social Media on Sex in Malta

Technology effects us in many ways in our daily lives. But on often overlooked part of our lives is relationships and dating. As with many things, excessive use of technology and social media has created a series of problems with how we approach things.
apple trillion

“Dirty” Moves Apple Pulled Off To Become a $1 Trillion Company

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard that Apple has passed the one trillion dollar mark. To give you an idea...