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Gree Painting Era Concept Aircondition

A new concept from Gree, the Gree Painting Era, a fully customisable air conditioner! Air conditioners are available from BT Commercial Malta.

gadgetina spiral slicer – Gadgets S12 EP15

[vimeo 151876771 w=500 h=281] gadgetina spiral slicer - Gadgets S12 EP14 from GADGETS on Vimeo. Gadgetina reviews the spiral slicer by doing her own plate of...

Gadgets S11E10

[vimeo 113997426 w=800 h=450] Gadgets S11E10 from GADGETS on Vimeo.

Gadgetina, Egg Shape

EY Offices – Gadgets S12 EP21

[vimeo 156814695 w=500 h=281] EY Offices - Gadgets S12 EP21 from GADGETS on Vimeo. Ian reviews different technology that can be found in modern office setups....

Harman Kardon at IFA

[vimeo 112268751 w=800 h=450] Harman Kardon at IFA from GADGETS on Vimeo.

Save Up For Your Goals With THIS App! Created by Mapfre MSV Life, this new all in one money-saving app, SavviSave, helps people in Malta make goal setting easier than ever before....

Facebook Tips 3

[vimeo 86893779 w=750 h=422] FACEBOOK 3 from GADGETS on Vimeo.