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EmergenSee: The Gadgets Feature

[vimeo 105118614 w=850 h=478] EmergenSee: The Gadgets Feature from GADGETS on Vimeo.

Foldable boat – Gagdets S12 EP37

[vimeo 174810378 w=640 h=360] Foldable boat - Gagdets S12 EP37 from GADGETS on Vimeo.

Father’s Day Competition

[vimeo 97911485 w=750 h=422] BRAUN CRUZER - FATHER'S DAY COMPETITION! from GADGETS on Vimeo.

Move Challenge: Bodytech EMS

[vimeo 91908664 w=750 h=422] MOVE CHALLENGE: Bodytec EMS Training from GADGETS on Vimeo.

Gadgets S12 EP9

[vimeo 148471824 w=500 h=281] GADGETS S12 EP9 from GADGETS on Vimeo.

Philips Baby Monitors at IFA 2017

https://youtu.be/NxD0POVOwJs At the IFA Fair in Berlin, Ian talks us through a number of Baby Monitors from Philips. With systems such as automatic bottle filling, taking...

Gadgetina Popcorn Machine – Gadgets S12 EP25

[vimeo 160255648 w=500 h=281] Gadgetina - Popcorn Machine - Gadgets S12 EP25 from GADGETS on Vimeo. Gadgetina tests out the Popcorn Machine. Available from Gajet. 

Helite Motorbike Airbag Jacket

Gadgets reviews the Helite airbag technology, aimed at protecting the vital organs on people riding a motorcycle. More information from Helite Malta. Review done in collaboration...
canon camera

Canon XA11 Review

https://youtu.be/EZ2Ig660DSc Since the Canon 5D Mark II, people have been opting from huge cameras to DSLRs. The Canon XA11 is back and here to change...