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TikTok & Instagram Testing Paid Subscription Feature For Content Creators

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Malta Won’t Launch Rockets Into Space, But It Wants To Gain ‘International Respect’ In Space Sector

Tiny Malta often dreams big and that’s exactly the way it should be! But as the Ministry for Equality, Research & Innovation presented its first-ever consultation document to start developing the Malta National Space Strategy, the chair of the space task force, Omar Cutajar did point out that the strategy isn’t aimed as a means […]

Build Your Own Game In 48 Hours At The Malta Global Game Jam!

How many times have you been playing a video game and caught yourself thinking, “meh, I’ve got an idea that would work better”? Or maybe you’re just interested in finding out what skills are required in building a video game. In any case, the Malta Global Game Jam is taking place on Tuesday 25th January […]

Foldable Phones Have Unique Appeal But Apple Is Not Interested

Trends come and go, sometimes sticking around for longer than they should, whereas others are gone too soon. Now, it appears to be the age of the foldable phone, and as Android-based devices continue to make headway in this department, Apple appears to have planted its feet firmly where it stands. It’s an interesting position […]

New Framework To Build Trust In Innovative Tech & Boost Local Businesses

The cliché of the world being in constant development and change is well known and accepted. What’s needed, however, is a need for businesses and authorities to keep up with these changes, or rather preempt them by coming up with innovative solutions to these constantly changing challenges. This is what the Malta Digital Innovation Authority […]

Safi’s Solar Powered Roundabout Will Avoid 10kg of CO2 Daily

Given that Malta is almost constantly bathing in sunshine and a recent push for renewable energy sources, it was only a matter of time before solar power gets applied to a number of different areas. The most recent case is a Safi roundabout which will have its irrigation system and electrical features run solely on […]

Metsola: ‘Balance Environment & Economy, Boost Innovation & Address Attacks On Women’

As Roberta Metsola won the European Parliament’s Presidency election with 74% of the total vote, she used her victory speech as more than just a moment to announce that change was coming. She used it as a call to action on a number of issues that plague the continent, no doubt, but also Malta, especially […]

Booster ‘Not Needed’ To Validate Vaccine Certificate On Official CovPass-Malta App

The official CovPass-Malta app that the Government released as a tool for establishments to verify the validity or authenticity of Covid-19 vaccine certificates is failing to catch invalid certificates belonging to persons who have not yet taken their booster. Members of the Gadgets team sought to test the system on Monday 17 January 2022, the […]

600,000 To 6 Million TikTok Followers In A Year: What’s Changed & What’s In Store For Henry?

The only ‘constant’, we’re told, is change. For someone like Henry Galea, Malta’s very own TikToker extraordinaire, it’s a little bit more complicated. His “constant” is creativity, which in its own nature requires that things change very often. Another constant for him is his insanely successful TikTok account which will take him to Los Angeles […]

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