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Gadgets Approved: Smarthome Robot Cleaners

Someone once said that it’s better to work smart than to work hard. Extending this line of thought towards everyday use, cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. While some rare (and weird) people find cleaning calming or relaxing, to the majority of us normal folk, it is simply something that has to be done. […]

Fashion Stylist & Blogger Opens Her Own Online Store!

Starting out as a simple early-COVID discussion, Caroline Paris’ mon éclat has now come to fruition. “Back then some of us had a little bit more time on our hands, and I’ve always dreamed of having my own little boutique,” she told us. But as a fashion stylist, why go for jewellery as opposed to […]

Are Local Councils Still Committing A Crime By Meeting Online?

Lockdown seems a lifetime ago already. Back then, local councils were directed to have online meetings instead of physical ones, and fair play to that. Once the numbers began to dwindle later, they were then instructed to meet in person once again. However, following a cavalier 4 months of a borderline free-for-all summer, cases have […]

Hate Tinder? Malta Welcomes Facebook Dating 🤍❤️

It’s 8 months late, but Facebook Dating has finally come to Europe (and Malta too). That’s right, The Zuck has decided to take on Tinder too, because he’s got to take on every app, right? Anyway, it was intended for a 14th February launch but got pushed back due to GDPR. Apparently, those are still […]

Who’s Giving Their Partner The iPhone 11 To Buy The iPhone 12?

Now that the dust has settled and we know just what the iPhone 12, in all its variations, has to offer, there’s one thing we want to know. Who, from our more renowned Maltese counterparts, wants to get their hands on Apple’s latest prized gadget? Thanks, but no thanks In the no department, we’ve got […]

The NEW Samsung Galaxy – Coming Soon?

We’ve already brought you news of the iPhone 12’s release as well as the OnePlus 8T unveiling, but we’re set for another event soon! The next Samsung Galaxy is set for a January 2021 release, but for the South Korean tech giants, it’s earlier than their usual preference of a February announcement. What can we […]

A Maltese Mother’s Concern With Online Lessons

We’ve been quite vociferous in our support for having lectures and classes go online. We’ve got our reasons, ranging from the near impossibility of adequate social distancing, to teachers’ sanity, but then we saw this post on The Salott. It raises a critical point about where we draw the line between practicality and inclusion for […]

Google’s Monopoly is Set to End

The latest twist in “The World VS Big Tech” has arrived, in the shape of the US government suing Google for abusing its dominance to preserve itself at the leading search engine. Google is of course labelling the case as “deeply flawed”, but the California-based company is facing similar charges in Europe too. This ain’t […]

The Meme Is Risen: Return Of The Pope

If you’re easily offended, look away now. If you’re after a bit of un-holy fun, you’ve come to the right place. Twitter’s new tile format has allowed a dormant meme to rise again, Lazarus-style. These are our favourites, but if you’ve got some hot stuff not seen here, please share your heresy with us. Baby […]

Hotel 1926 – Skyscraper