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Maltese NGO Takes Aim At Bullying Via App

As anti-bullying week reaches its climax this week, we’re taking a look at bBrave, the first anti-bullying NGO in Malta. Operating on a purely voluntary basis, the team is looking to help victims connect with the right support systems. Helping hands There’s a plethora of categories where bBrave offer help. From domestic abuse to workplace bullying; cyberbullying […]

And The Tech.mt eBusiness Awards Winners Are…

Tech.mt have rolled out the list of winners of their eBusiness Awards, and it’s fair to say that they’re all worthy winners. That’s no disrespect to those who didn’t make it because there was serious competition in all categories. Here’s the full list of winners, and well done once again! Best App GO TV App […]

If You Thought Apple Slowed Down Your Phone, You Were Right

Need we say anymore? Not really, but we’ll do so anyway. Apple has already agreed to pay up to $500m to iPhone users who were affected by slower phones, so this new payout is over and above that amount. Here’s what we know. Preserving battery life Apple’s excuse was that the iPhone 6, 7 and […]

Dealing With Toxic People On Social Media 😷

Much as social media was built to spread the love, it might sometimes bring out the worst in people. If there’s no way of dealing with their drama, then you’ve got to take measures to avoid them. No excuses The first step is recognising toxic behaviour: only then can you begin tackling the issue. This […]

This New App Will Translate Your Cats Meows!

If your COVID companion is a 4-legged fluffball, then this is the app for you. Actually, it will remain the app for you once we get through this mess too. Developed by a former Amazon Alexa engineer, this app can translate your cat’s meows, and here’s how it’s done. Fact: each cat is unique You’ve […]

Malta’s Snazziest Eatery Opens In Dingli 🤩

The same people who re-imagined the Maltese buses last year, Mizzi Studio took on their first commercial project, which takes us to Dingli. Brand new eatery Barbajean is designed to celebrate the joy and tradition of eating and drinking, things we Maltese are pretty good at. The perfect blend There’s a fantastic blend to the eatery. […]

Using UV Light To Reduce COVID-19 Transmissions

A London-led study by the Queen Mary University has shown that UV light tech can help reduce COVID-19 transmission. Although we’ve already heard about this, the research focused more on germicidal irradiation above people’s heads, since UV can be harmful to us if exposed to it for a prolonged period of time. It’s known as […]

WATCH The “Justice League” Trailer In ⚫⚪ Here!

The original movie underwent true Warner Bros treatment, in being cut down to 120 minutes and having more humour added to it. Because adding humour to the “darker” comic book universe works right? Now, having dealt with personal tragedy, Zack Snyder took back control and a new version is set for 2021. Playing catch up […]

Maltese Buses Now Offer More Contactless Payment Options!

Contactless is all the rage at the moment, and rightfully so. A pilot project was already in place where contactless payments were available on some bus routes, and following their success, they’re set to be introduced on the busier journeys. It’s a project being handled by Transport Malta together with Bank of Valletta, and there’s […]

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