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Want to see an Alfa turned into a barbecue? Visit the Gadgets EXPO

Ever wondered how to create a barbecue on wheels? By inserting the grill into a car of course! Come and see Malta’s first CarBQ Alfagrill – a barbecue in a car. The Alfagrill will be on show at the Gadgets EXPO at the MRO between 10-12 May at MFCC in Ta Qali. So, why should […]

Come try out the latest noise-masking earphones at the Gadgets EXPO

Do you dream of uninterrupted sleep? Bose have created noise masking ear phones to give you the quiet sleep you’ve been dreaming about. Come test them out at the Gadgets EXPO at the Malta Robotics Olympiad at the MFCC in Ta Qali between the 10th-12th May. What makes these ear phones a must-have? They cancel […]

Test drive the electric car Twizy at the Gadgets EXPO

Want to test drive one of the coolest cars? Come visit us at the Gadgets EXPO at the Malta Robotics Olympiad at the MFCC in Ta Qali between the 10th-12th May. What is so great about this car? It’s great for the environment We are all aware of how important it is to care of […]

Meet energetic Ian – our Gadgets showman

Ian has been presenting the Gadgets TV show for over 10 years. He brings insane amounts of energy and completely immerses himself in any gadget he gets his hands on. You have been presenting the Gadgets TV Show for over 10 years and for the first time ever, you will be presenting in front of […]

Rachel Cachia’s take on motherhood, the Gadget Expo and all things tech

Rachel Cachia has been director and presenter of the hit TV show Gadgets for over 10 years. Here she talks to us about Gadget’s participation at the Malta Robotic Olympiad This is the first year that GADGETS is part of the Malta Robotics Olympiad (MRO). Where did the idea of participating originate from? We experience and review […]

Meet Malta’s Tech Guru: James Catania, MRO Chairman

MRO Chairman James Catania excited to work with Gadgets You’re the chairman of the Malta Robotics Olympiad which is in its 9th edition, what do you hope to achieve at the MRO this year? Like every edition of the MRO our main intention is to remove abstraction from the technology world by bringing to the […]

Gadgets Launched a New Online Show

We are super excited to launch our new online show Gadgets Fidgets. The first episode, presented by Daniel Kingswell, went live on social media on Thursday at 7pm. Gadgets Fidgets from GADGETS on Vimeo. During the show Kingswell will be given a gadget he’s never seen before and will have to suss out how it […]

Reduce annoying Wangiri scam calls from international telephone numbers

Tired of rushing to answer your mobile phone only to find you have a missed call from an unfamiliar international telephone number? International scam calls known as Wangiri are making their way to local mobile phone numbers at all hours, causing you inconvenience. So, what exactly are these Wangiri scam calls? They are calls made […]

Having a career in video games is easier than you think! Here’s how…

The University of Malta’s Institute of Digital Games post-graduate game design programme, was recently ranked one of the best by the Princeton Review. The Institute explores games and play, uncovering new playful and generative possibilities in game design and technology. Variety of Subjects It also delves into everything games can teach us about ourselves and […]

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