Our Top Netflix Series Guaranteed to Get you Hooked

It’s Monday night. You have a hectic week at work ahead of you and all you want to do is have some time to relax and zone out. So, you switch on your TV, hit the Netflix button and prepare for some ‘me’ time. But with so many great shows to choose from – trending, […]

To Revolut or not to Revolut

Back in October 2018, Revolut launched its services in Malta during the Delta Summit. The service provides an app-based account which can be opened within 3 minutes, allowing you to send domestic and international money transfers and spend abroad without any fees. Since its launch, the fastest growing fintech company, took the island by storm […]

Practical Phone Hacks

You get ready for a night out, you get in your car and start making your way to that new wine bar in some obscure part of Siggiewi. But as you make your way to Zebbug (that is the only familiar way you know of getting to Siggiewi), you realize you need your phone for […]

Tech Guru : Kurt Paris

Tell us a bit about yourself. I am a geek. I have spent most of my life (literally from the time I could reach a desk) in front of a computer. Computer games, programming, videos, tv series, you name it. In fact, while people think I am a full-time photographer, my main job is in […]

AI in Malta: Where does it Stand?

The Gadgets Team had the pleasure of attending the AI in Business Malta Summit at the MFCC, Ta’ Qali, where we learned about the applications of AI to different industries. The seminar, supported by the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, saw international speakers Irakli Beridze, Charlotte Stix and Matthew Fenech who gave […]

Our very own Ian gives his views on the latest Samsung releases

Gadgets has checked out the latest range of newly released smartphones by tech giant Samsung. We got our very own phone techie Ian to find out what is in store for us with the latest Samsung Fold and the S10 series. Here are Ian’s words on the new Smartphone range of Samsung: Samsung Fold “Let’s […]

Everything a Tech(oholic) needs at a Klikk of a Button

Want to be the envy of your techie friends? We have you covered with our latest gadget list guaranteed to turn any early adopter into a gadget guru. Hyper Powerbank There is nothing more frustrating than being out of the office only to discover that your Smartphone is low on battery. You need to send […]

IT Experts Share Their Thoughts on Local Financial Security

Many of us are wondering whether money we deposit into our local bank accounts is safe following the recent events where hackers broke into local bank BOV and moved 13 million euro to international accounts. The gadgets team spoke to local IT and Finance experts to find out how siphoning off millions of euros could […]

Geeky ways of saying I love you

It’s getting’ hot in here – Valentine’s Day hot – and the heat is on to express your feelings of love to that special someone. Flowers? A ring? (maybe too soon after just two weeks of dating), a romantic dinner? Or maybe, it might be a good time to rethink our traditional ways of saying […]

Ultimate JBL Endurance Sprint