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Disc Or No Disc: PS5 Prices & Games Revealed

Let’s get right down to it: the official prices released by Sony are €500 for the disc version of the PS5, while the digital variation will cost a relatively lean (for what it is) €400. Sony didn’t just stop there, however – they’ve also revealed the games we’ve got to look forward to. Sony exclusives […]

Do The Robot: Maltese Boy Invents A New Dish Cleaner

Age is no limit to creativity or invention, and let no one tell you otherwise. 9-year-old Daniel Mifsud told his mum that he was going to wash the dishes – nothing unusual, while she expected to hear the dishwasher start. Instead, the lad came up with this. Using the motor in a Lego Mindstorms EV3 […]

Apple 2020 Event – Apple Watch 6 Has Landed

As expected, there was no iPhone 12, but we were kinda disappointed that there was no appearance from the fabled Air Tags. In any case, this Apple Event still had plenty to be excited about, so let’s dive right in to see what we’re so happy about! Apple Watch Series 6 The event headliner did […]

You Want It, They Rent It

How many times have you come to a situation where you needed some form of equipment whose cost could not be justified for the occasional use? Of course, there are plenty of people who rent out tools, lighting equipment, party pieces and so on. Still, it does tend to be a dragged-out process from searching […]

Vacancy Alert! Movers, Shakers and Producers: Your Talents Are Needed At Gadgets!

That’s right, the Gadgets Squad is looking to grow the team. If you’re not quite sure what you need to qualify or why you need to qualify (because we’re awesome, that’s why), read this piece and submit your application if it rings your bell. Producing Perfection One of the roles we’re looking to fill is […]

FreeHour’s Road to Success: Malta’s Favourite Student App

If you’ve been a student in the last three years, you’ve more than likely heard of the app FreeHour. What started out as a simple app to keep track of your timetable in a much easier format than what the schools gave you, and the ability to share that timetable with other friends to meet […]

A Little Bird Told Me…Apple News Is On The Way

Last week we heard mumblings in the Apple-sphere that some big announcement was on its way. Throw in the fact that the usual announcement for the new iPhone happens in September, we were pretty sure what was on the cards. Although it appears more likely than ever that the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will […]

Internet Explorer is Dead, Long Live the Memes

After a long, and occasionally painful journey, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer finally has an expiry date. On 17th August, MS 365 apps stopped supporting His Lagship; on 30th November and the MS Teams web app will no longer support Internet Explorer. To honour this announcement, we’ve compiled the best Internet Explorer jokes and memes, commemorating a […]

IFA’s 2020 Most Innovative Awards: List Of Winners

The IFA Most Innovative awards are a celebration of the most creative minds in various industries. This year, with 19 awards available, there were 14 different winners. Siemens, Samsung, Honor and Midea were all double winners, although there is no shame for brands such as Sony, Philips and LG to pick up gold in one […]

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