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5 Cool Ideas for your Next Online Hangout

Summer is approaching, and while measures are being slowly  lifted, this summer is going to be quite different to those before. Many of us are still keeping our distance socially, and prefer the safety of video calls when it comes to hanging with friends. After a few weeks, once the fun of filters has worn […]

Digital Work in the Digital World: COVID-19’s Attack on the 9-5 job

COVID-19 is changing the way businesses work, and digitising things that were otherwise done traditionally. With our efforts and habits going into the online world with Zoom meetings, work from home efforts and interacting on social media even more than ever before, I think it’s time we look at how this could be a good […]

Get with the ’Gram: Surprising Instagram Tips We Recommend

Instagram is the third most popular form of social media in the world, and while it may not be as big as either Facebook or YouTube, it’s a lot hipper than both. While it’s beloved by the ever-trendy Gen Z’s and Millennials, it’s quickly being adopted by Gen X-ers and Boomers alike. It’s also versatile. […]

Attention: What You Need To Know About Cleaning Your Phone

Have you been washing your hands every minute of every day? Good! But what about your phone? Disinfecting our phones is essential if we are to keep ourselves clean and reduce the risk of infections. Bacteria and viruses like Covid-19 have been shown to last for several hours on our smartphone screens (even up to […]

Should We TikTok in Uniform?

Aaaah… Malta… The land of pleasant beaches and mouth watering pastizzi… Oh! and VIRAL content brimming from every corner of the archipelago. We’ve all received and watched that local police woman dancing to some TikTok trends. These videos in particular were widely spread on WhatsApp on Monday evening and uploaded on popular Facebook meme group, […]

Could Working From Home be a Solution to Traffic?

While quarantine and lockdown have affected all of us in many different ways, there are a few things that we’ve all learnt along the way, besides how much food we can get delivered to our door in the space of a week. With everyone staying indoors, mother nature has finally caught up on some well-needed […]

Lights, Camera, Quarantine: Local Filmmakers Make Short Films in Lockdown Conditions

The Thrill of Limitation Orson Welles, the filmmaking master and occasional wine  commercial star, once said that ‘The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.’ That philosophy certainly seems to have been proven right by a local short film project called ‘Lights, Camera, Quarantine’, organized by actor and filmmaker Mike West. The premise is […]

Gadgets will be Switching to Remote-Working

With social distancing measures being loosened, it’s time we ask ourselves what we, the Gadgets team, have learned over the course of this unique period.  If it has proven, above all, that with today’s technology, working from home is perfectly possible. We have been doing it for over 60 days now, and we have managed […]

Fake News: 6 Things Professor Charmaine Gauci’s Resignation Hoax Taught us to Look out For

We live in an instant world. Instant coffee, instant noodles and instant news. Being as locked in to our phones as we always are, with the added catalyst of a country-wide lockdown, our collective screen-time has never been higher. While this has its own disadvantages, one great advantage is how quickly important information can spread. […]

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