Our followers had something to say about the Ionic Showerhead

Our Gadgetina recently reviewed the ionic showerhead as part of her mission to give you the coolest, innovative gadgets around.  Following the video’s release, Facebook followers had lots to say about the review with many saying that the showerhead isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. One of our fans questioned Gadgetina’s testing methodology […]

SONY’s Robotic dog AIBO is coming to Malta

For the first time ever in Malta, Gadgets is bringing you the latest in pet technology. The SONY AIBO robot dog. The new version of the robotic dog will be at the Gadgets Expo at the Malta Robotics Olympiad taking place on 10, 11 and 12 May at the MFCC. On Wednesday, Gadgets will be […]

7 keyboard shortcuts to get your work done faster

It’s Monday morning. Weekend seems like a distant dream and as you’re stuck in an hour of traffic, you start to panic. How will I manage to get all my work done today? The bumper-to-bumper jam gets you thinking – is there a way I can be more efficient with the work I have lined […]

Meet Frank Zammit – The Maltese DJ who partied at World Club Dome Zero Gravity 2.0

Yesterday, Maltese DJ personality Frank Zammit boarded a flight which would create zero-gravity. Why? To party with another 50 international personalities of course! The real thrill was the plane’s 16 parabolic manoeuvres which created a zero-g effect for everyone onboard. This is the second time that World Club Dome Zero Gravity organized the out-of-the-norm, popular […]

Top Gadgets on Malta’s Facebook Marketplace

Do you want the latest gadgets at affordable prices? Facebook Marketplace has taken Malta by storm with a variety of gadgets for sale, allowing you to buy the latest gadget at an affordable price. Here is our list of top gadgets on sale right now on Malta’s Facebook Marketplace. Disclaimer: All items were on sale […]

Meet Malta’s Tech Guru: Klaus Conrad, Educator & Managing Director

Tell us a bit about yourself Like many other geeks, my fascination with technology has been a lifelong affair. As a young boy my first computer was a Commodore VIC20 and computers in those years were still a novelty. Using them required learning about how they work and I still remember regularly opening the VIC20 […]

WANTED: Have you seen this lady?

Do you remember the lady we found in Valletta for our voxpop? Ian is missing her dearly following her friendly advice about his mannerisms and dress sense. She advised Ian to stop jumping around whenever he speaks and to dress smarter – she felt very strongly about his hyper demeaner and casual dress code. Ian’s […]

Great Local Women Making It in Tech

To mark International Women’s Day, we would like to give a shout out to the great women making giant leaps forward in the IT and tech industry in Malta. These women are paving the way for the IT girls of the future, working in this male-dominated industry. Here is our list of Maltese women who […]

Our Top Netflix Series Guaranteed to Get you Hooked

It’s Monday night. You have a hectic week at work ahead of you and all you want to do is have some time to relax and zone out. So, you switch on your TV, hit the Netflix button and prepare for some ‘me’ time. But with so many great shows to choose from – trending, […]

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