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What To Expect From Apple’s “Spring Loading” Event

As expected, Apple ain’t giving much away in terms of what’s planned for their event. For better or worse, intentional or not, leaks are pretty constant, so we can well guess what’s coming. Siri the snitch? It would appear to be that Siri leaked the deets about the event. When asked “When is the next […]

Using Pastizzi To Explain Quantum Mechanics

This is another headline to add to the list of “Unexpected Titles of 2021”. Though in no way are we sad to be writing it; on the contrary, we’re looking forward to this one! Quantum for the public In an event hosted by the University of Malta’s Physics Department, World Quantum Day will be celebrated […]

From The World’s Most Cited Scientists 11 Are Malta-Based

For anyone who ever needed to quote competent sources for assignments, dissertations, theses and the like, hearing that among the top two per cent most cited scientists worldwide are eleven based in Malta is a most welcome surprise, not to mention a pretty monumental achievement. What’s going on exactly? Seven of these eleven are University […]

A Guide To BOV’s New Step For Online Shopping Security

If you’ve ever shopped online and paid using BOV 3D Secure, you’ll be happy to know that, secure as it may be, a new step has been added making it safer than ever! Here’s how it works and why it’s important to add the new 3D Secure app to your BOV arsenal. New regulations This […]

Malta-Based Organisation Helps Launch New €30m Food Fund

PeakBridge, a Malta-based agritech venture capital fund manager, and EIT Food have launched a new €30 million food program called FoodSparks, The fund will invest in continent-wide seed and early-stage startups which focus on food production, supply, and sustainability. Who’s eligible? The €30 million will be spread over four years and between around ten startups a year. That […]

The Fake Bugibba COVID Party & What We Can Learn From It

A video surfaced onto social media, purportedly showing young revellers dancing at a party. The location appeared to be Bugibba, Malta, but following the immediate outrage, the uploader revealed that it was actually shot at Canary Wharf, London. Don’t believe all you see It would appear that the uploader’s intention was not to cause panic […]

Hey Students: Heritage Malta Offering Paid Placements This Summer!

You know when you apply for a job, only to see that the company’s asking for unprecedented levels of experience? The only way to get that is through placements and internships, even if the below image plays out to be true in plenty of cases. However, if you’ve got a creative background, Heritage Malta would […]

Four iPhone 13 Rumours You Should Know About

It’s been just about 6 months since the iPhone 12 dropped, and it’s been lauded as one of Apple’s best. But the speed-of-light world we live in already has the tech industry waiting with bated breath for the iPhone 13…or iPhone 21 as some rumours would have it. Gadgets takes a look at 4 iPhone […]

Save The Date: 21st April Is World Creativity & Innovation Day 💡

The United Nations has established the 21st of April as World Creativity & Innovation Day. In essence, it’s an effort to raise the awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development, not least education. The local perspective A Zoom event will be on the day at 5.30 PM, hosted […]

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