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A New Crypto Exchange Is Coming To Malta

As crypto continues its rebound following recent stumbles, more good news comes as OKcoin, one of the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency platforms, has received “in-principle” approval to begin operations in Malta. What does this mean exactly though? Working with local banks A similar approval has been granted by the Netherlands, which will allow Okcoin to work […]

Light Pollution Affects Nature & By Extension, Ourselves: How Can We Deal With It?

For the record, we’re all in favour of light and electricity; without them, not only would the world have stood still, but Gadgets probably wouldn’t even exist. What we do have an issue with, however, is that the excess amount means that 80% of the world’s population lives in a perpetual glow during nighttime. Hint […]

PTL Ltd appoints new Head of Software Engineering and Business Applications

PTL Ltd, a subsidiary of Harvest Technology plc, has appointed a new Head of Software Engineering and Business Applications, Mr Malcolm Mizzi. Working in the IT industry for over 20 years, Mizzi started his career as a junior software engineer and has, over the years, matured in the software engineering field. Wide range of work […]

Kayaking Around Sicily For Charity: Follow Local Heroes’ Progress Via Smartwatch

Two Maltese buds, Dorian and Albert, have embarked on a journey across the watery divide between Malta and Sicily, but there’s a bit more to it than a simple A-to-B kayak paddle. The duo will travel around Sicily’s coast before heading back to Malta, a mammoth effort to raise money for Inspire Foundation​. Starting something […]

Online Petition In Malta To Increase Paternity Leave During Child Birth

An online petition is placing a call to bring forward increased paternity leave for fathers and equivalent second parents, given the legislation is due for implementation in August 2022. The petition asks local authorities to address the issue of paternity leave, or rather the dire lack of it in Malta. One day of birth leave […]

If You’re 16 In Malta, You Can Vote But Your Instagram Is Set To “Private” By Default

And that’s a good thing. The Instagram part, that is. No need for us to get political (just yet). But yes, Instagram has made new under-16s’ accounts private by default so only approved followers can see posts and “like” or comment. In light of harassment and online bullying issues, this is actually a step in […]

3 Hidden Features & 1 Bonus Rumour To Make You Install iOS15 ASAP

When the latest iOS becomes available, not everyone tends to be head over heels about installing it. However, iOS 15 is set to be a pretty big one compared to the others, so once the beta is sorted out, make sure to download and tell us your experience! Your camera can scan signs & business […]

The Superhero Behind The Push For Better Care For Maltese ALS Patients

Recently, we met with Bjorn Formosa, the ALS activist with superhuman perseverance pushing to make life as easy as possible for others with ALS, to discuss not just the tech Bjorn himself uses, but also the tech that’s power the current Dar Bjorn, as well as how Dar Bjorn 2 is shaping up. Six-year journey […]

The Best Environment To Certify Your Tech Solutions 💡

Malta is fast becoming a hub of creativity and innovation, and while that’s all well and good, no matter how sound your idea might seem at first, nothing beats testing out the hull before setting out to sail. The real market is an unforgiving place, so having an identical environment where you can test before […]

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