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The Local Podcast With A Focus On Real Estate

The local podcast spectrum is growing rapidly, in both quantity and quality and the one that caught our eye recently is, quite literally, hot property. Dardingli is a real estate-focused podcast and takes to the airwaves every other week or so, but what topics are they discussing? For sellers, buyers and agents The podcast aims […]

Football Sticker Trading: Maltese Hobby Moves To Facebook

Most of us are familiar with the scene of kids, teenagers and adults alike trading Panini football stickers before, during and after major international football tournaments. The corner of Anastasi in Valletta would normally be packed with enthusiasts racing through numbers, swapping for the players they need to complete the full album as soon as […]

Drone Delivery Between Malta & Gozo? It’s Looking Likely!

For the time being, delivery between Malta and Gozo relies on ferry passage, but it looks like change is on the horizon in the shape of a larger-than-we’re-used-to drone! The time has come HandsOn Systems CEO Geoffrey Farrugia took to LinkedIn to share the news that drone delivery between Malta and Gozo is all set […]

Malta’s Digital Nomad Permit: How Language Niche Can Benefit

The news that Malta’s aiming to become a global hotspot for digital nomads is welcomed with open arms, but how soon could we start to see benefits from this? Negozju, a local business-oriented YouTube podcast, has a series focusing on startup stories, and one startup, in particular, feels that this is a golden opportunity. Travel […]

Gozo To Get Two Solar Farms In Ta’ Ċenċ

In a joint-venture, Water Services Corporation (WSC) and the Malta Chamber of SMEs are investing in the installation of two solar farms in Ta’ Ċenċ, Gozo. They will go on to power around 500 households and it’s a great step forward in terms of achieving sustainability across the islands. Incentivising clean energy production As Malta […]

Are Our Thoughts Our Own? Maltese Production Exploring Social Media Use

In today’s digital world, almost everyone uses social media. If Facebook were a country, it would have the largest population, with over two billion users. However, people from different age groups have their own unique experiences, and local production WIRES posits questions that some of us might not be entirely comfortable answering. Are we really […]

Robot Waiters Could Take Client Experience To New Heights

When the idea of robot waiters was recently floated by the President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Marisa Xuereb, many may have taken it with a pinch of salt. But should we be seriously considering robot waiters as an innovative concept that could take client experience to new heights? A couple of months ago […]

TikTok Tutorial: Claim Fame Within 60 Seconds Or Less

The pandemic has forced us all to spend countless hours grotesquely manspreading on our beds. It seems like the more time we have on our hands, the shorter our attention span is. And why? Easy! TikTok, the social media app that took the globe by storm over the past year and has us all endlessly […]

Self-Driving Vehicles Challenge Mass Car Use in Malta

Back in the day, not owning a car in Malta meant that you had to rely on an untimely bus schedule. Plus, owning a car didn’t just mean freedom of movement, it was, and still is, a fashion statement. But is this still relevant for the younger generations? According to a Gadgets poll featured on […]

Gadgets Shop Launch Skyscraper