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‘Where Has Malta’s Peace & Quiet Gone?’ The Travellers Ask In New Song

Over-crowding, noise and air pollution, excessive construction, too many cars – these form part of the central theme of a new song by the Maltese band The Travellers, who rightly ask: ‘Fejn Mar il-Kwiet?’ (translated ‘where has the peace and quiet gone?’). Announcing the release of their song on Facebook, the group called for the […]

Are You A Promising Creative Entrepreneur? The Olympics Of Creative Start-Ups Is Back

The Creative Business Cup returns after last year’s success and is once again calling on Malta’s most promising creative entrepreneurs to join this global community of creative industries. The Creative Business Cup is regarded as the Olympics of creative start-ups and was launched in Malta by Culture Venture in 2021. Malta’s winner for 2021 was […]

All Set For Shark Tank Malta Debut!

The long wait and anticipation for Shark Tank Malta is finally over as the show goes on air on Sunday 10 April 2022 at 8.50pm on the national TV station, TVM. Adapted for Maltese television, the multi-Emmy Award-winning entrepreneurial-themed reality show has been brought to Malta for the first time, with the popular personality Keith […]

Developers Of Motorcycle Simulator Hope To Improve Safety & Comfort For Bikers In Malta

Any biking enthusiast would agree that it would be ideal to be able to ride a custom-made motorcycle, or at least one that would have been adjusted according to a person’s stature and biking style. More importantly however, it is in everyone’s interest to improve road safety and to find ways of reducing the number […]

TV Censorship? Gadgets Prohibited From Airing Feature On Human Microchip Implant

Censorship: Is it a thing of the past, especially considering the infinite opportunities available to obtain all sorts of information from the wonderful world of the Internet? Well, the Gadgets television production team has seen how censorship is alive and rife in Malta in 2022 as it was left with no choice but to completely […]

Malta Does Not Need To Be A Concrete Jungle: Esteemed Architect Makes Proposal To Solve Ugly Malta

Construction in Malta has long since been a bit of a sensitive point, simply because it holds the key to Malta’s current economic trajectory. Where we once built out of necessity to provide places to live or to offer services, construction has become a means to invest, which has led to a rate of development […]

WhatsApp Will Limit Message Forwarding To Fight Misinformation

As one of the leading messaging apps on the planet, WhatsApp has a duty to combat the spread of misinformation and fake news where possible. It’s part of parent company Meta’s promise to fight this digital battle in a way it should have done a while back, but while it’s playing catch up at this […]

All-Female Line-Up For Malta’s First-Ever Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Symposium

An all-female line-up will be delivering five papers during the University of Malta’s HUMS – the Humanities, Medicine, and Sciences Platform – its first-ever Postgraduate Symposium. Organised in collaboration with the Doctoral School, the Symposium is titled Bridges in appreciation of the value and importance of interdisciplinary work conducted by doctoral candidates at the University of Malta. Staff and […]

Investigation Reveals Facebook Driving Users Towards Extreme Climate Denial Content

An investigation by international human rights NGO Global Witness has found that Facebook users that show an interest in climate scepticism are being driven towards more, and often increasingly extreme, climate disinformation content by Facebook’s algorithms. Global Witness’ report said that while more than 99.9% of scientists agree about the impact of human activity on […]

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