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Maltese Tech Community Calls For eSIMs: What Are They & What Are The Advantages?

With the introduction of mobile phones, we got used to sim cards, and then mini sim cards, being part of the package of having a working phone line. Not only do these little plastic cards hold your phone number and other details, they also store contacts, making it easier to switch to another phone if […]

The Case For Malta To Add An Online Voting Option For The Next General Election

As Malta’s next general election draws near, the usual debates take place, about who’s done what in the past and what’s to be done in the future. As far as we’re concerned right now, we want the debate on voting sides to pause for a moment, and talk about the way votes are actually cast. […]

Guess The Movie Title For Your Chance To Win A Brand New JBL Clip 4!

It’s time for… M O V I E M O J I! 🎥🎬All you need to do is correctly guess the name of the movie we’re describing with emojis! Do that right, and you’ll be right in with a chance of winning a JBL Clip 4 from Ultimate Malta! The closing date for this competition is Monday […]

Local Tech Store Signs Agreement With Malta Chamber of Construction Management

Though the Malta Chamber of Construction Management is still in its early stages having formed in March 2021, they’re taking pretty good steps in ensuring their members get their hands on some of the best gadgets around, by signing an agreement with Sound Machine. How will this help the members? Sound Machine is the main […]

Two New Facebook Tablets Have Entered The Market, But Are They Truly Worth It?

On 21st September, Mark Zuckerberg revealed two new portable devices via Facebook Live, the Portal Go and the Portal Plus. Is this a sign of Facebook looking to establish itself in the tablet world dominated by Samsung and Apple, or is it just The Zuck showing off the growing department of Facebook devices? They’re actually […]

University of Malta Scientists Use Fruit Flies To Understand And Possibly Tackle COVID-19

Like it or not, the pandemic has gladly set up its foundations as part of a global reality. As the intelligent virus seems to adapt and grow, SARS-CoV-2’s impact on the world’s future still remains a novelty. To an equal extent, scientific research has been pouring billions of money to study the virus and understand […]

Malta Silver Commemorative Coin Celebrating 1921 Self-Government Consitution To Be Sold Online

On Friday 24th September, the Central Bank of Malta will launch a silver numismatic coin to mark the 100 years of Malta’s self-government Constitution. What can we expect from the event and what details are known about the coin itself so far? Celebrating history There’s no doubt that the 1921 Constitution paved the way for […]

Science In The City 9th Edition Promises Enthralling Shows And Time Travelling

Science In The City lands in Valletta this weekend for its 9th consecutive edition, celebrating all the wonders of science and arts. The festival is now one of Malta’s most renowned, as the platform offers a unique opportunity for the general public to not just be aware of the scientific and artistic wonders many local […]

In A Post-Pandemic World, What Does The Future Hold For Museums? Malta’s Role In Solving The Question

Museums are the bridge between past, present and future; you need to see where you came from to know where you are and where you’re headed. However, is the way that this information is presented in need of a refresh? That is going to be the centre point of discussion in an upcoming conference hosted […]

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