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It’s About Time We Have More Subtitles In Maltese

A Maltese student completing his M.A. in translation is adding Maltese subtitles to an Italian TV series, and it’s raised an interesting point within Gadgets’ halls. Though most Maltese understand at least two or three languages adequately, subtitles are also there for people with certain disabilities, so it’s well worth keeping them in mind when […]

Has Ian Ta’ Gadgets Discovered A Mars-Related Conspiracy Theory?

Gadgets presenter by day, intergalactic detective by night? It appears to be so for Ian Busuttil Naudi at any rate. With the successful landing of Perseverence and flight of Ingenuity, two of Earth’s robots visiting Mars, while everyone was focused on the images being sent back to our planet, Ian had his eyes on something […]

Miss Republic Of Malta Takes Contract Dispute Online

In a series of Instagram stories, Miss Republic of Malta 2020 Nicole Agius revealed details of how she was accused of breaking her contract, and the exchanges that ensued when she stood up for herself. Finding a loophole? Though the contract seems to suggest that sponsorship income would be split between Miss Malta pageant and the […]

Meet Malta’s Latest Green Initiative

What happens when 3 friends with different talents but sharing a common focus centring on environmental awareness and sustainability get together? Usually, something good. And in the case of Greenie Malta, it’s very good. What’s the message? The refreshing thing about this page is the variety they bring to their message. It’s not solely looking […]

The Maltese Mama Showing Us How To Make Life Easier

Time is the currency we can never increase, so all you can do is maximise what you’ve been assigned. One woman who’s managed to do just that is Nakita, a Maltese mum who’s not only made teaching time management her job, but pretty much her reason for being. There’s a lot more to that purpose […]

Maltese Memes A Reflection Of Construction Industry?

Another day, another dubious construction project taking shape in Malta. This time, it’s the turn of a new 33-storey tower in Paceville, which has been submitted to the Planning Authority. The building itself aims to incorporate the latest technology to ensure environmental sustainability. To do that, PX Lettings, the company behind the project, are targeting […]

Eating Disorder Support Made Easier On Instagram

Instagram has announced that it’s adding points of contact for people searching for content and hashtags related to eating disorders. However, the helplines provided are based in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Should you need to contact an organisation in Malta, you can speak with Dar Kenn Għal Saħħtek. What’s changing? Until recently, Instagram […]

Spotify Has Plans: What Will They Affect?

It’s been nearly three years since Spotify’s last major announcement, but they just had a pretty big one on Monday. A new subscription tier, podcast exclusives and new tools for artists and podcasters were all mentioned, so read on to find out more! “Golden age of audio” The biggest announcement was about their next-tier audio […]

Changes To Revolut Fees: What You Need To Know

You may have received an e-mail from Revolut stating that after withdrawing a certain amount, or amount of times for that matter, you may incur charges on further cash withdrawals. Now while it may seem like a pretty 💩 thing to do, we’ve broken things down to try to make some sense of them. Also, […]

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