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The Speakers You Need For Your Outdoor Area

With summer well and truly underway, everyone is bound to be hosting their friends and families at one point or another. Be it a cosy evening by the barbeque, a heavy pre-drinks, or a lazy day by the pool, one thing remains a constant; the music.  Music doesn’t only bring people together, it sets the […]

Our Own Boys Unpacking Samsung’s 2020 Unpacked Event

Yesterday Samsung unveiled the latest additions and updates to their catalogue, and there’s some decent stuff in there. With improvements to the earbuds (which were already pretty good), a fresher look for the Galaxy Watch, and placing the Note 20 Ultra at the top of the pile, there’s plenty to digest. Heading the table – […]

Awareness On Online Safety With Malta’s Top Influencers

Tech.mt, a public private partnership concerned with promoting the National Strategy for Technology and Innovation is leading the ‘BeSmartOnline!’ project, aimed at protecting youths from malicious online behaviour. They have now launched a video campaign to raise awareness on issues that include sexual harassment, cyberbullying and ‘fake reality’ shared on social media. With children and […]

TikTok Users, Are You at Risk?

TikTok has taken over the world by storm, with the video sharing app ranking as the most popular application in many countries, reaching heights hit only by Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat back in its heyday. In an information age however, not all users are aware of just how much data TikTok stores on them. It […]

This Summer’s 5 Must-Have Apps In Malta

This summer may be considered the strangest we’ve ever experienced. Regardless of whether you are choosing to stay home or whether you plan on going out, here are the top five applications you should download this summer!  1. SunSense Don’t we all love to get a tan in summer? Albeit, we are all aware of […]

The Big Tech Grilling – Amazon, Google, Apple And Facebook Appear Before US Congress

Yesterday’s hearing has the makings of a great intro for a new series, or at least, a movie. Imagine: four companies with a combined wealth of $5 trillion. They have effectively become more potent than most banks, and are considered to now be unable to fold. “But if they did it legitimately, what’s the issue?” […]

6 Things Android Can Do Which iOS Can’t

Xbox versus PS4. Keyboard versus controller. Wired versus wireless. Technology is all about limitless options, and choosing what fits each person best. This leads the way for rifts to evolve based on preference, and one of the biggest divides in all of technology is Android versus iPhone.  While it all comes down to personal preference, […]

Netflix Set For Award-Binge At The Emmies

Usually, a night reserved for repeat winners, the Emmy Awards this year are missing heavyweights like Game of Thrones, paving the way for new arrivals and previous contenders who just could not make the cut before. Here we’ll give the lowdown on expected winners, potential surprises, unexpected exclusions and which shows you should have on […]

Has TikTok’s Time Run Out? A New Challenger Is Coming!

It’s no secret that Instagram and Facebook (ie. Mark Zuckerberg) tend to learn from their competitors… and then end up performing better than they do. It happened with Snapchat when Instagram and Messenger Stories were created, which were eerily similar to Snapchat (rest its soul).  Now we have another coincidental similarity being reeled out (pun […]

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