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Saving The Planet Or Money? Apple To Stop Including EarPods And Charger Leads With Products

You read that right. Well-connected analyst Ming-chi Kuo has been quoted as saying that Apple plans to stop including both the wired EarPods and chargers. There are a couple of advantages to keep in mind before jumping to the conclusion that it’s all a ploy to push people to AirPods. Mother Nature gets a break […]

A Fistful of Soundtracks: Remembering Ennio Morricone

The tragic news of beloved composer Ennio Morricone’s death at the age of 91 has shaken movie and music lovers alike all over the globe. Known for his mesmerizing film scores and pioneering role in the evolution of the Spaghetti Western as a genre, his career spanned over fifty years, with humble beginnings writing music […]

Mondays Aren’t Always That Bad!

Following last year’s prime time success the Gadgets team will be working tirelessly throughout the Summer months whilst you get to enjoy some time to unwind and sip some cold drinks by the sea. So put the AC on, grab an ice cold drink, sit back and chill with Ian and Rachel. This Summer, Gadgets […]

Top 5 Most Instagrammable Lidos on the Maltese Islands

COVID-19 has ruined thousands of people’s travel plans this summer, and with that, everyone’s summer Instagram feed. The opening of the airport could be a costly cure to the floods of throwback posts you’ve been posting, however a cheaper local option is available too! These beautiful beach lidos hugging Malta’s coasts will spice up your […]

A New Player Is Making Waves In The Property Industry

Property has been booming in Malta, so some might find it as strange that people still experience difficulties renting or renting out. We had a chat with Kamila from www.maltarentflat.com on how the idea came about, the team’s background and why they have catchy Maltese sayings dotted around their website. What’s the fuss about? The […]

FB Marketplace: Free Listing Might Be a Case of Fraud

We all love a bargain. There is no denying that the pleasure of acquiring something new is doubled when we know we got a good deal on it. Sometimes, we can scour the internet for hours before finding an item that’s worth our attention and hard-earned money.  The addition of Facebook Marketplace has been great, […]

Face Mask: Do I Have To?

As of today, the 1st of July, we have finally returned to normality, and all preventative measures have come to an end. Social distancing restrictions are eased, however, the situation regarding the use of face masks remains somewhat unclear. While some are adamant we still need to wear them, others are saying they’re no longer […]

I Can’t Breathe: A Local Artist Raps About Black Lives Matter

Following the incident between police officer Derek Chauvin and George Floyd on May 25th, the Black Lives Matter movement has seen global support, even in Malta. Local rapper Ben Miller released his single ‘I Can’t Breathe’ only a few days after the event in question. It has since garnered a significant number of views and […]

Miss World Malta Contestant Shines In Spite Of Racist Remarks

Martha Attard, a young hopeful for the Miss World Malta 2020 pageant suffered racist abuse on Facebook after one user posted a photo Martha shared to her own Facebook page, with a caption stating that she should not be allowed to compete as she isn’t a “Maltese breed”. Martha leapt to her own defense, stating […]

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