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The New Facebook For Desktop

Facebook is getting a brand new look. This is the fifth, and most obvious, redesign for the social network, and was announced last year. While some are excited, others are more cynical. When we’re all so used to a site layout, why change it?  It’s a little like a girlfriend getting a radical new haircut. […]

Exclusive Audio: A Maltese Dad Decided to Live Without His Smartphone During Quarantine

Social distancing has been hard enough, can you imagine virtual distancing too?! We spoke to 34 year old Steve Zammit Briffa who thought he’d had enough of his phone buzzing being at everyone’s beck and call ready to answer instantly, not to mention the amount of time wasted endlessly scrolling up and down news feeds throwing […]

Will life the way we know it … CHANGE FOREVER?

Just as we managed to somehow pull through the longest month of the year on comes March a month which  under normal circumstances would be a most welcomed month. March brings with it the first signs of Spring, brighter days, warmer weather, less clothes, as well as an excitement for outdoor activities. Not this year.  […]

Land a Job in The Quarantine Era

ATTENTION: Stop binging Netflix, counting toilet paper rolls, and staring into the abyss. It’s time to hit the keyboard. We’re looking for talented writers who’d like to earn some extra cash, to write and create content for Gadgets, Malta’s tech influencers. We want fun content, whatever it is. All we care about is that its […]

GOING VIRAL: Is Social Media making the Pandemic worse?

The Coronavirus has created a seismic shift in the way we live our lives. We’re stuck at home, uncertain of the future. Consequently, many of us are living our home-bound lives on social media, seeking answers there. The problem is, if you’re looking for clarity on social media, you won’t find it easily. Instead, you’ll find […]

Escape COVID-19 NOW!

Back in November the Gadgets team took on one of the best team building activities out there, an Escape Room by Can You Escape? (Fgura). This was founded by Riccardo and Jeanice who are two Escape Room junkies and their passion for the game is clear for all to see as soon as you meet […]

The Lista We All Need During Quarantine!

The coronavirus pandemic led to many businesses having to shut their doors and suffer a lack of business. Delivery being the only option left and we have seen many restaurants and retail shops taking advantage of this opportunity. Enter lista mt, a newly listed Maltese online registry which gives all of us stuck at home […]

Upgrade Your Morning Routine

Not everyone is a morning person: but we believe you can grow into being one. For us, mornings have become our favourite part of the day, and we look forward to them every time we go to sleep. How you spend your morning can directly influence what kind of day you are going to have. […]

7 Apps to Download During Isolation

The world is currently under the shadow of the Coronavirus, and we’re all wondering how to adapt to this strange new world. Most of us are sensibly staying at home, in isolation. And while binge-watching TV shows on Netflix may help us kill some hours, we may soon crave something more substantial to spend our […]

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