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This Maltese School Took Their Students’ Art Exhibition Online

Art exhibitions around the globe were forced to take their displays online, allow enthusiasts to “enjoy” them in whichever way possible. St. Dorothy’s Senior School in Malta has done just that with their Year 8 students’ art pieces! A complete tour And by complete tour, we mean that when zooming in on a particular piece […]

Netflix Might Introduce A New “N-Plus” Service…

Netflix recently conducted a user survey, with questions about podcasts, user-generated playlists, and how-to guides. Dubbed “N-Plus”, the service could be an online space that lets users learn more about the shows they love and anything related to them. So, what could it include? It could be a dream service for anyone involved in filming, […]

Mums Of Instagram: 5 Things They Wish They Knew Back Then!

They say hindsight is 20/20; for mum’s you could say that’s the case. How many times has your kid said or done something that had you thinking “I really should have done things differently”? We’re guessing it’s plenty. With that in mind, we spoke to some of Malta’s famous Instagram mamas for their thoughts! “Get […]

The Maltese Company Acting As A Bridge Between Crytpo & “Traditional” Currencies

The growth of cryptocurrency has been unprecedented, with more and more companies looking to leverage the payment method. Moneybite, a Maltese company, is one of the first local crypto-settlement platforms to gain such a licence after being granted one by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Bridge between crypto & fiat For starters, what we refer to […]

Student Labels Not Reopening Post-Sec Schools “A Joke”

A Maltese student took to Facebook to voice his, and probably that of many students around the island, incredulity at sixth forms not being allowed to open. The decision is seen as a strange one, considering language schools tutoring similar age groups will be allowed to resume. “Explain your reasoning” Sean Azzopardi, a sixth form […]

Prince William & Kate Have Opened A YouTube Channel

That’s right, the Cambridges have their own YouTube channel. They’ve also had their Insta handle updated, changing from @Kensington Royal to @dukeandduchessofcambridge. What can we expect to see from the YouTube channel, though? Philanthropic work The first video showed the couple’s participation in a number of events over the years, starting off with a spot […]

A Space Rocket Is Falling Back To Earth & Malta’s In The Danger Zone

A rocket from a Chinese spaceship recently launched into space detached (as planned) from the main body of the said spaceship. However, it’s rapidly heading back to Earth (not planned) and at a hefty 18 tonnes, it’s one of the largest items in decades to have an undirected dive into the atmosphere. And Malta’s in […]

The Malta-Developed Product Used In 30 Countries

Maltese company Scope Solutions made the most of a €161,000 fund provided through the National Programme for Research and Innovation run by the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) when they developed DataDear. What purpose does it serve, though? 10,000 people in 30 countries DataDear is an innovative system that synchronizes both Cloud and […]

Electric Scooters Dumped In Sliema Sea Front Cause Social Media Uproar

A diver took to popular Maltese Facebook group Are You Being Served to call attention to 4 Bolt Electric Scooters that were dumped into the sea in Sliema. The discovery has led to widespread anger and calls for police intervention. Shocking discovery The discovery was made by a Maltese diver, seemingly on a routine dive […]

Ira’s Selection BT Commercial Skyscraper