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Impress your Valentine with our Wish-List

Oh My! Just one week away from Valentine’s Day and still no gift in sight! With so many products being bombarded at us from every digital space, it’s becoming difficult to sift through all the junk and home in on the ideal gift for your loved one. But fret not, Gadgets is here to help […]

X Factor Contestants – What their Smartphone says about them

The first season of X Factor Malta came to an end just a couple of weeks ago and we still can’t get enough of our great contestants. Throughout the season, we got a sneak peak of the performer’s personalities – but what does their choice of Smartphone say about them? Michela, Luke, Owen and Norbert […]

Meet Malta’s Tech Gurus: Steve DeMicoli, Founder of

Steve DeMicoli is a doting husband and proud father of three children. Professionally, he is a practising architect and director at DeMicoli & Associates, founder of and director of Open Tinkers. Here he talks to Gadgets about the future of robotics, disruptive ideas and the keystone to empowering future generations. You’re currently reading for […]

Meet the App That Makes Booking Appointments a Breeze

Picture this: you need to set up an appointment. Maybe you need to get your hair done. How do you find the right place? You can call up different places, but maybe this one isn’t available, or this one is too expensive, or this one is on the other side of the island. It’s tedious, […]

WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger to Merge

Facebook is planning on integrating all messaging systems of WhatsApp, Instagram and FB Messenger in 2019. According to the New York Times (NYT), for the first time, this will allow users to send messages to each other across the three messenger applications. Impact on Users Security and privacy can be impacted. Currently, WhatsApp uses end-to-end […]

MCA’s Guide to Selecting the Right Telecom Service

‘Hello? Hello? Ma move into the other room I can’t hear you!’ With three main telecom providers on the market, it is difficult to know who will give a decent service with a fair contract and unnecessary bill shocks. The following are MCA’s Consumer Tips when choosing a telecom provider. Consumer Tip #1: Monitor Usage […]

Introducing the First Ever Gadgets Expo at MRO19

This year, Gadgets in collaboration with Malta Robotics Olympiad and GO will be bringing you the MRO19 Technology and Gadgets Expo. The Gadgets Expo After 10 years, We’re taking Gadgets to the next level. For the first time ever, we’ll be hosting our own Expo during MRO19. We’ll be showcasing technology that was featured during the […]

Avoid the Flu with these Devices

Achoo! Oh no it’s flu season once again. If cold weather and exams weren’t enough to bring us down, we also have a bout of flu around. It’s not a great time to get it. Mater Dei Hospital has reached its full capacity due to a soaring number of cases of the seasonal illness. It’s […]

Midterm Exams: Gadgets that will Help You Nail ‘em

Alas it’s January! With exams around the corner, it is one of the most stressful months of the year. We’ve all been there – spending hours in a coffee shop studying with friends and running checklists of what we need for study time. Highlighter (check), coloured biros (we must section notes by colour) and of […]