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GADGETS EXCLUSIVE: First Look At One Of The Best Phones Of 2021!

Truth be told, we get excited about most phones, simply because there’s something special to be found in each one. However, the fresh-out-the-oven Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have got us chomping at the bit to give them a whirl sometime soon, and here’s why! Just improve on the Pixel 5 A couple […]

Why Facebook’s Promise Of 10,000 EU Jobs Might Not Be A Good Thing

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that in order to develop the so-called “metaverse”, Facebook will require 10,000 new workers, and it appears that they will all be from the European Union. Now, while this is mostly good news, there might be a hidden message within that’s a tad more sinister. Here’s why 10,000 Facebook jobs in […]

Maltese Engineer’s Air Purifier Is A Must For Every Household

Responsible for approximately 500 deaths a year, Malta ranked as the worst EU country when it came to air pollution in 2017 – it is a major cause for concern and last year 28 medical and environmental organisations collectively called for serious measures to improve local air quality. Though improvements in air quality were registered […]

Content Creators Rejoice: Apple Reveals MacBook Pro For Pros

Although we should have expected Apple to leave Macbook Pro announcements so late in the year, plenty of creatives have been clamouring for a Macbook Pro that allows them to do their jobs to the best of their capabilities. Thankfully, alongside other products, the machine of their (current) dreams has finally arrived. A Macbook Pro […]

PN’s Proposal To Bring Tech Giants To Malta Could Be Met By EU Legal Battle

Bernard Grech stirred up some excitement when proposing that Malta should be attracting tech giants on the level of Facebook, Amazon and Google to set up offices on the island. Could the proposal actually work? What does the EU have to say about this? Would tech giants want to come here, to begin with? Nice […]

Gianni Reacts To Coldplay’s Eco-Friendly Tour Idea: “I Love It!”

Following a four-year touring hiatus, Coldplay are ready to hit the road, or skies, once again, but this time, there’s something different about their tour; it’s probably the most sustainable one in history to date! With a whole host of measures in place to ensure the band are as kind to the planet as possible, […]

Digitising Malta’s Services Is A Must But We Need Dedicated Apps

One of the major promises from the government during the Budget 2022 speech was that more of Malta’s services will be digitised, bringing the country firmly into what is an increasingly digital world. While that is well and good, simply having a service available online or in digital format is already just the bare minimum. […]

FIFA No More: World’s Most Popular Football Game Is Set For A Name Change

Is this it? Is this the end? What sequence of events brought us to this point? The world football governing body that is FIFA has since 1993 also been the namesake of the football game that has graced fans’ gaming devices for generations. And now, it appears that it might be coming to an end. […]

Malta Is Lacking In Qualified ICT Professionals But A Long-Term Solution Is At Hand

In today’s world, the demand for people who are skilled in ICT is stratospheric. However, when it comes to skill excellence and re-skill ability in Malta, more data is needed to adequately address any gaps in policy and skill sets required, which is what led to the ICT Skills Demand and Supply Monitor 2021, compiled […]

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