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More Enforcement, Not Speed Cameras Will Prevent Accidents, Poll Suggests

Before Malta’s roads came to a standstill following a day of torrential downpour, a different road safety question was on everyone’s mind, following yet another fatal accident. Just how are we going to put an end to, or at least limit, traffic accidents in Malta? The first inclination is to add more speed cameras, but […]

Misleading Msida Flood Video: How To Spot ‘Fake’ Information

As heavy rain continues to drench and flood the island, images and videos of the conditions on local roads began to surface. People were walking through waist-deep streets. Cars brought to a standstill. A delivery man stopped on the side to help out another driver. However, one video caused a bit more of a sensation, […]

Danusan Headline Road Safety Campaign As Scrutiny On Maltese Roads Intensifies

Whether through a lack of law enforcement or driver application, Malta’s road safety has been on a downward slope in recent years. One way of addressing this issue is by educating the next generation about road safety in a manner that sticks until long after they’ve obtained their driver’s licence, which is what the Street […]

Dreaming Of An iPhone 13 Or An Unlimited Data Plan? Check Out These Sweet Christmas Deals!

Christmas is a special time, a time for giving. And if you give yourself the occasional treat, that is absolutely fine; actually, we even recommend it! Now, because most of you have been good this year, or because some people are genuinely nice, we’ve got some sweet Christmas deals that we want to talk to […]

‘Pure Gimmick’: What Maltese Shoppers Think Of Local Black Friday Deals

In a Facebook poll, we opted to pick local shoppers’ thoughts about the Black Friday offers of years gone by, and the answer was definitive, to say the least. Voicing what they thought was wrong with the offers also gives an insight into what shop owners can do to address the situation. Old stock, bad […]

Meet Malta’s Climate Action Awards Winners & Find Out How You Too Can Make A Difference!

The Malta Climate Action Awards served as the culmination of the first-ever edition of the #ClimateOn Campaign, a campaign aiming to educate and raise awareness on local climate action. Organised by the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning, the Awards ceremony celebrating the various climate action heroes was held on the 27th of […]

WATCH: Onlookers Film & Urge Man To ‘Hurry Up’ & Jump Off Valletta Bastion

A video has surfaced showing a man sitting on the edge of a Valletta bastion threatening to jump. As the scene unfolded and some passersby attempted to get the man to safety, a slew of hateful commentary urging the man to take the next step off the edge was clearly heard in the video, drawing […]

362 Charging Points & Dedicated App To Support Local Shift To Electric Vehicles

The Government-led push towards a switch to electric vehicles is one born out of both necessity to counteract climate change, but also because it will lead to cleaner air, making the country a healthier place to live. A number of measures are being taken to help this push gain traction, not least with financial incentives, […]

UoM Students Build Racecar From Scratch For International Competition

Whether you’re putting together a winning team on FIFA or preparing a homemade dinner, things tend to taste sweeter when made from scratch. That’s exactly what’s cooking over at the University of Malta, where a group of students forming the University of Malta Racing group are cooking up something special by building their own formula-style […]

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