Real-life Zombie attraction on Kickstarter


Kickstarter has been the ultimate tool to funding innovative projects, and bring to reality some of the coolest gadgets we have ever seen. Today we take a look at a weird project seeking funding, on the crowd-funding platform, which aims at bringing warfare and zombie outbreaks, in real-life.

Georgia based company, BGnG (Blood, Guts, n’ Glory) will be putting people in a combat/horror survival situations, using real weapons, against real enemies, in detailed environments.

The experience will be team oriented, and users will have the option to take on a warfare mission (similar to Battlefield), or take on a horde of Zombies (similar to Left 4 dead) in hyper realistic environments. All weaponry used in this experience will be adapted from military training peripherals. You’ll have two guns, and both can’t harm anyone, but still produce recoil, muzzle flash, and require reloading.

To better give a reality aspect to the simulation, users will have to wear an irTactical stress belt, which emits an electrical jolt every time you get wounded. BGnG also teamed up with two special effects companies (who currently work on AMC’s the Walking Dead) , who will help in the set design, props, special effects, and make up.

For more in depth details about this project, kindly visit BGnG’s Kickstarter page.