Car Features from the Future!


Cars as we know them are changing and getting more advanced by the day. Somewhat 10 years ago, electric windows weren’t even a necessity. Fast forward 10 years and any cars without parking sensors are laughed at.

Here is a list of the most advanced high-tech car features that we will be seeing become a necessity over the next few years.

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity
    If this wasn’t already a necessity, it will be in a year’s time. With loads of kits allowing your car to harness Bluetooth capabilities for under €10, this is definitely the most essential on our list.

2. WiFi & 4G Connectivity

More and more automakers have started to introduce WiFi and 4G connectivity in their newer features. Although you will have to pay for what plan you opt for.
This means that drivers would be able to turn their car into a hotspot, allowing you to stream music, video and surf the web without worrying about the strain on your device’s battery.

3. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 

This capability has allowed drivers to stop distracting themselves by staring at their phone while driving. This allows you to access a variety of supported apps through your car’s display. You can even change song on Spotify through this while being shown full album-art of the song being played.

4. Voice Control

We have seen this on our phones, but not too often in our cars. This allows you to perform tasks like sent texts and make phone calls by speaking your commands after pressing down a button.

5. Wireless Charging Capabilities

Only a number of smartphones have wireless charging capabilities. Although automakers are starting to implement pads that wireless charge your device by simply laying it down on a surface.

6. Digital Instrument Display

This includes digital versions of the speedometer, fuel gauge and energy consumption rate. The digitalisation of this display makes everything more customizable and accurate.

7. Semi-Autonomous Driving system

Slowly, slowly, self autonomous cars are being released to the market. Semi-autonomous systems let your car handle the steering and braking while driving on the highway in certain conditions. In a few years we will see fully-autonomous systems coming into play and eventually no one will have to drive themselves anymore.

8. Automatic emergency Breaking

This means that the car, after sending you a warning signal before going into an obstacle, it will lock the breaks in hopes that you do not crash the car into the oncoming obstacle.

9. Self Parking

It won’t matter whether you are good or bad at parking. The car will do it for you. This is more common than self driving nowadays, but still isn’t a necessity in cars as we know them.