Showstopper Mashup at IFA 2017 Berlin

  https://youtu.be/qpeo22fTgYo   This feature was filmed at IFA Fair 2017 in Berlin and within it you can find the greatest products found at the Showstoppers stand.

Budding Rockstars: Malta 2017

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a83nxxKOnkw&feature=youtu.be Our presenters, Martina & Rachel lead a talk, discussing how important it is to have a partner you believe in & trust.

Bose Revolve Review

https://youtu.be/Ida9hHK4Bjw Ian reviews the Bose Revolve by Bose. A good looking portable speaker with loads of power and great sound. Available from Doneo.com.mt

JBL Neck Speaker

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDSON0niZOA&feature=youtu.be In this feature, filmed at IFA Berlin 2017, we try out a cool new concept, a neck speaker that only the listener can hear!

Episode 7

https://vimeo.com/243262096 In this episode we show you incredible technology designed to make mobility easier, which is the segway. We also give you a few tips...

Smart Panasonic Shaver

Ian heads to the barbershop to test out an extremely ergonomic, waterproof shaver that also features a number of adjustable heads. Available from SCAN https://youtu.be/lo99720-hs0

An ideal Printer for Photographers

  https://youtu.be/XDKS8iwpaRM Ian tests the new Canon 5D MK IV & The capabilities of the Canon Prograf 1000. It appears the Canon Prograf 1000 is the perfect...

The Most durable cable in the world: Put to the test

Ian does a series of unusual durability tests with cables by MosOrganizer. https://mosorganizer.com https://youtu.be/lJ1hq0kfE2s

Siri vs Google Assist vs Amazon Echo

https://youtu.be/PFsLf2dcx-w The Gadgets crew put the major voice assistants being found on almost every mobile phone to the test. Which one will triumph?

Episode 6

https://vimeo.com/242903518 In this episode, we test out the 'most durable cables in the world' in the more grueling ways possible. We put voice assistants to...