Episode 7

https://vimeo.com/243262096 In this episode we show you incredible technology designed to make mobility easier, which is the segway. We also give you a few tips...

Smart Panasonic Shaver

Ian heads to the barbershop to test out an extremely ergonomic, waterproof shaver that also features a number of adjustable heads. Available from SCAN https://youtu.be/lo99720-hs0

An ideal Printer for Photographers

  https://youtu.be/XDKS8iwpaRM Ian tests the new Canon 5D MK IV & The capabilities of the Canon Prograf 1000. It appears the Canon Prograf 1000 is the perfect...

The Most durable cable in the world: Put to the test

Ian does a series of unusual durability tests with cables by MosOrganizer. https://mosorganizer.com https://youtu.be/lJ1hq0kfE2s

Siri vs Google Assist vs Amazon Echo

https://youtu.be/PFsLf2dcx-w The Gadgets crew put the major voice assistants being found on almost every mobile phone to the test. Which one will triumph?

Episode 6

https://vimeo.com/242903518 In this episode, we test out the 'most durable cables in the world' in the more grueling ways possible. We put voice assistants to...

Episode 5

https://vimeo.com/243289855 In this episode, we walk you through the latest and greatest in payment methods, show you the gadgets used in the popular local TV...

Payment Methods

Ian walks us through loads of different payment methods. These payment methods if used not in conjunction with paper money can potentially save the...

Jabra Evolve75 Headphones: Full Video Review

After a few days using these wireless headphones I feel that I am ready to take a verdict. They are definitely one of the...

The Use of Mobile Phones in the Hit-Series Benjamin

A short mashup of the unavoidable involvement of mobile phones featuring Carina Camilleri and Ben Camille, himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf02_L5a4ks