Direct Vision

Waste less fuel looking for parking


Problems solved in hilarious ways 

1. Bike Pedal replaced Door Knob 2. Make shift floatie for these guys' power socket 3. No handle? No Problem! 4. The high-tech BBQ 5. Why buy factory...

Rocket explodes on lift-off

An unmanned space shuttle carrying supplies to the international space station has exploded earlier today few seconds after lift off. [youtube]

First iPhone 6 Dropped



Ten Awesome Gadgets for your Home

Last week we showed you the ten must have gadgets for your kitchen, and this time we bring you ten brilliantly designed gadgets for...

1.5 Billion pixel Image of Andromeda Galaxy

Nasa have released a the largest image yet of the Andromeda Galaxy, which is made up of over 400 images taken by the Hubble...

Baywatch the movie confirmed

Those of you who were lucky enough to follow one of America's most popular 90s series, Baywatch, will be happy to know, that a...